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Become an Owner

Getting Started

Becoming an owner with us is easy! Simply create an account, then start adding cars. We need at least four images of the car, some basic personal information and your rates. Once added, we'll review your car's details and probably get in contact with you before approving it. Once approved your car will be available on our website for bookings!
Step 1
Register an account
Step 2
Add your cars
Step 3
Start taking bookings

The Booking Process

When you receive a booking request, we'll send a notification to your email address. Within the email will be a link directly to the booking request's webpage. The webpage will contain all the information you need to know, from pickup locations and times, to number of passengers and how much you're set to earn.

On the booking webpage you will have several response options:

  1. Accept
  2. Reject
  3. Ask for additional information
  4. Change price
You can also send a message to the client, explaining why you rejected their request, what additional information you need or why you changed the price.

You can manage all bookings and see which are awaiting your response in your Owner dashboard in either a calendar or sorted list format.

Once you've confirmed availability,, we'll notify the client. To confirm a booking, we require a minimum 50% deposit from the client (with the balance to be paid at the latest 48 hours before the booking). As soon as the deposit comes through, we'll notify you that the booking is confirmed. If your availability has changed in the interim, please let us know.

To avoid double bookings, any bookings previously confirmed that day will be automatically cancelled.

Once we have confirmed the deposit, we require that you give us final confirmation that the event has been diarized on your side. At this point we will give you the final booking information, including the client's contact details. If the client makes any changes after this stage, you will be notified via email and allowed to respond.

You can manage all bookings and see which are awaiting your response in your Owner dashboard in either a calendar or sorted list format.

The day of the booking has arrived! Just to be safe, we'll send you an email notification the day before. Check the booking webpage for the times, addresses and any other details. We'll pay you 24-48 hours after you complete the Ride.

Remember, this is one of the most important days in your client's life. It is vital that you arrive on time, well dressed and that your car is clean. We also recommend starting the car a few hours before a booking. Client's are allowed to review you and these reviews will influence whether future clients pick your car.

If there are any issues let us know as soon as possible on 066 429 8015.

Some of our cars:

Why should you join us?

  • Earn while doing what you love
  • Put smiles on faces while sharing your passion
  • Low commission of 15% (charged to client)
  • List your car for free!
  • Accept, reject or change price of any booking request
  • Easily manage bookings with our online calendar
  • Keep up-to-date with automatic notifications