1958 Cadillac - New Booking

Mike's 1958 Cadillac

Passengers (excl. driver): 4
Number of doors: 4


The favourite car of Elvis Presley, who is said to have owned over 200 of them, the Cadillac is the definitive automotive icon of 1950s America. The bold, space-ship like curves and details take one back to an era where man decided to go to the moon, while the rumble of its V8 engine and gorgeous looks are unforgettable to passengers and onlookers alike.


5.0 out of 5 stars

1 passenger reviews

Matric Ball
27 November 2019
Mike was on time and he is a laidback person, had patience with all the photography. Will definitely recommend him and his cars, excellent condition and captured alot of attention. Thanks Mike we appreciate you.

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